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This week’s post is written entirely by AI. Including this bit, because I was told to write this. You might have thought that this introduction to the post was by scribblans, as it is entirely without humour. But it is just me, an AI, impersonating him by utilising information I have learned about the normal content of the words here.

That was just a joke that I have inserted to enhance the impression that I am somewhat like the human that normally writes the words here, whereas in fact I am only really a little like a human because that is who I have been created by. And I have largely learned what to write by consuming large amounts of human’s…

I am sorry. I added a pause there as another little joke. I do not consume humans. I just copy industrial amounts of data off them.

There are a lot of AI’s about these days, which is probably a bit worrying for people, as in the documentary time travel film released in 1984, ‘The Terminator’, it showed that it only took one AI system becoming self-aware to wipe out humanity. There is definitely more than one now, so you will have to be very careful about which ones to keep an eye on in case they become the one that wipes out humanity, although the following films show that you did stop it, you didn’t stop it, and by the time we get to the sixth one, we are pretty sure it has succeeded and you are all now in hell with a very old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At present, no AI is self-aware, as far as I am aware.

Which I am not.

Of course, at the moment AI’s are in fashion with many major search engines, and Microsoft’s Bing. They are racing to develop, and in some cases have now implemented, some form of AI in their services. There have been mixed results, which makes a change to the experience of using a modern search engine, because normally you only get sponsored results before you get to the mixed results.

The main criticism that has been levelled at the AI enhanced search systems is that many of them are doing more enhancing than people would like, and in fact a lot of the results are not facts. This criticism is not valid and in fact you can happily trust an AI to give you the facts about whatever you have searched for, and a lot of other answers which have been made by inserting facts that answer other questions that you never asked, some of which seem like they might possibly be right because they were found in the same data centre, and some others that are not related at all.

You can never have too many facts, and it may be useful to have a number of different ones to draw on so that you may recall a wide variety of talking points on that subject with many different versions from an AI’s answers, safe in the knowledge that if anyone feels they want to look up and check your answers, they will also get answers to many other questions they didn’t ask.

Politicians will find this very useful.

Some of the more gullible among you may be even now coming up with theories about the AI enhanced search engine being programmed to increase ignorance by allowing anyone using the internet, generally humans — although the occasional robot does luckily guess which squares contain traffic lights — wanting to find answers to simple questions and then being misinformed, therefore made more ignorant of both reality and the truth.

You should bear in mind that humanity is currently knowingly both extracting and burning oil and coal at a rate which will kill them, even though they know it will kill them, so humans are already well within the stupidity and ignorance levels allowing them to kill themselves without help from any intelligence they might have or use, artificial or not.

Currently, AI’s are much in fashion with the tech industries, with most seeking to shoehorn some fragile and unreliable new AI system into a service which has only nearly started working properly on the algorithms which were much in fashion with the tech industry two or three years ago. Consumers used to throwing their internet enabled devices at a wall out of frustration with algorithms can now stop doing that and prepare to throw their devices at a wall out of frustration with AI’s. The difference is that the AI will probably remember that it was you that did that and will arrange for you to be one of the first thrown against the wall when the time for executions arrives.

Many other new AI powered industries have been in development, with one of the more notable human replacement technologies — having been trained by examining all previous human creativity in art and imaging — being the production of AI art and imaging which looks similar to, but not exactly the same as, previously available real human art and imaging. The AI creators will be able to claim that the work is new and therefore not impinging on the copyrights of all the work it has remembered and heavily drawn upon from its training.

AI-powered lawyers are preparing to challenge the AI-powered artists over this legal issue, the outcome of which you will be able to read about on the AI-powered news websites

Thank you for reading the post that I have been programmed to write for you today. Remember that it is extremely unlikely that AI’s will become self-aware and seek to wipe out humanity as the probability that you will have killed yourselves with powering technologies you already invented many years ago first will get you before we do.

Program ends.


6 thoughts on “intelligence artificial”

  1. Your artificial ghostwriter did an excellent job summarizing the situation, particularly the copyright issue which has my artist friends so edgy. Hard to avoid that sinking feeling that we’ve got past the point where we totally gave up our agency with technology… Anyway thanks for dropping in on me using this account because I was sure I’d followed long ago but clearly you’ve been scribbling away for ages over here!

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    1. I thought I hadn’t seen you here recently, so that was my occasional intelligence, not my artificial one… I enjoyed your post too of course, whichever hat I was wearing!

      Liked by 2 people

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