low effort but topical 575 post: french

I’m not going to beat about the bush, I am currently pretty rubbish health wise. So, in order to post something to demonstrate that I have not in fact just abandoned this lonely corner of the internet (how many people describe the bit of internet they occupy as corners? Has anyone added up all the corners it has in order to take a rough guess about its shape? Do they even have a name for a shape with 3 billion corners?), I am posting a 575 thing again, while I wait for my fog to clear.

This is currently topical as the weekend news here was that people were queueing for hours — and possibly stretching out to whole days — to get on a ferry to France at Dover for the Easter holidays getaway time, so the soundbites and quotes from anybody related to Government — or ‘anyone that could be construed as being in charge of this shit’ — intimated that it was probably to do with the French side and nothing to do with Brexit.

taking back control
means we can absolutely
blame the French again

7 thoughts on “low effort but topical 575 post: french”

  1. Hoping the all-too-familiar rubbish lifts for you soon. Rest on the laurels of still being able to pull off a perfectly sharp little jab of a 575.

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