575 omnibus

I’ve mentioned that I have done some 575 type verses, in response to the prompt words a couple of different accounts post on Mastodon. I’ve done a few actually, so I thought I’d do a round-up post for your enjoyment, or otherwise.

prompt word: tadpole

so the doctor said
‘your tadpoles aren’t swimming right’
*shrugs* didn’t want frogs

prompt word: phlox

so angry with me
dancing on his bed of phlox
kicked me in the bol…

ran out of syllables

prompt word: pheasant

be happy peasants
survive on minimum wage
and roadkill pheasant

And I did a couple that are just made up with no prompting, a sort of free form five seven five, if you will.

this is not haiku
just five seven five verse
that has gone horribly wrong

as I get older
my memory starts to fade
what was I saying?

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