This place is just for me to muck about. You will learn nothing here. You might not even enjoy anything here. Generally, I have something stuck in my head that needs an outlet, a mental itch that needs a scratch, and this is where I try to scratch it. I try for a intelligible vocabulary in a comprehensible form that might hopefully entertain you, but in reality it mostly only entertains me. I do try to use words that already exist, but sometimes only something completely new and spellcheck-confounding works.

It won’t necessarily be autobiographical. When I use I, I might not mean actual I. Although it obviously comes from I… me.

I’m in Cornwall, UK, 50-odd, married, and a dog man, not a cat woman. I am a stroke survivor and have, according to the learned and expensive neurologist who first diagnosed me, ‘mild MS’, which is so far in a Relapsing Remitting variety.

The author of this blog (middle-aged, nondescript Cornishman with relatively few offensively bad characteristics or discernible talents) wishes that anyone interested in reading any further posts on the scribblans blog should accept the following:

Terms and Conditions

i/. By engaging your eyeballs with the variable quality content on the scribblans blog, you (the reader) give the author (t/a scribblans) the right to either entertain, deeply annoy or disappoint you — often all three in the same post — by the provision of said variable quality content on this site by said author.

ii/. The author reserves the right to provide the variable quality content with a variable amount of factual accuracy, ranging from ‘looks plausible in a good light’ to ‘complete bullshit’.
However, it is very likely that very little of it looks plausible in a good light and should not be taken as being intentionally similar to any reality the reader is familiar with.
On the rare occasions where the reality could be perceived as close to real, source links will be provided so that readers can see for themselves what has set the author off this time.

iii/. Readers should be aware that the author will always provide an appropriate level of value in his content for the amount of financial expenditure readers invest in visiting his blog.

iv/. In the event of disputed accuracy or difference of opinion about any part of the authors written posts, the author will carefully consider any complaint made, and evidence offered in support of said complaint, then cackle evilly while deleting said complaint.

v/. The author very much appreciates readers leaving comments on articles on this blog, and will endeavour to reply to those doing so, but warns replies may be construed as either mildly insulting or apparently contain as little sense as the post does.

vi/. The author encourages the sharing of posts made on the blog by readers, to promote the growth and reach of the blog, but accepts that readers may prefer to keep their guilty visits to this site to themselves.

vii/. If, it any point, you (the reader) are annoyed or dismayed by the absolute shambles masquerading as variable quality content provided by the author (t/a scribblans) you are encouraged to click the ‘x’ button and sod off.
At this point, all previous agreements shall be deemed null and void and your actions treated as ‘fair enough’.

viii/. No user data about any reader of this blog will be extracted, tracked or kept and then sold to advertisers who would be under the impression that if you pressed ‘Like’ on this site, you are likely to be extremely gullible and easily manipulated in to buying any old crap.

Your continued enjoyment or otherwise of this site indicates that you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions, and are happy to continue providing your support for scribblans by reading his utter nonsense, which he largely writes for his own entertainment.

The author pledges not to use any artificial or otherwise intelligence in the writing of this blog, not to annoy them by popping up piss-poor pleading pop-ups just two seconds after arriving at the site, operating a strict “no fucking annoying, humour-free flashing GIF’s” policy, and not to try to empty your pockets by — look in to my eyes, only my eyes, concentrate on my eyes, you are feeling sleepy — persuading you that you need to send him £10 every time you read a post….

Aaaaand awake.

Thank you for reading.
Oh yes you did, I saw you.